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Friends Only

Heyyy guyss~! You can all call me Nora~! ^^ My journal is friends only.... as it says in my Banner....  xD If you have met me IRL or have seen me at an Anime Convention or something... feel free to comment and i'll probably add back~! 
If you know me from another site.... like DA or something.... and we've talked a couple times then go ahead and comment and ill most likely add back~! ^^

I also really like making friends.... sooo if you comment explaining why we should be friends.... like if your also a cosplayer, or you like hetalia, or other series i like... then i might just add you cuz i like making friends ^^

I also have contacts in other places too~! soo if you wanna contact me but cant on LJ.... here ya go
AIM- lyokoluver58
Deviantart- lyokoluver58

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Pokemon Wants List

Soooo here's my official wants list!!! Complete with pictures ^^ (If any of these pictures are yours, I will gladly take them down or credit you~)
Bolded are top priority~! <3
Bolded and underline means it's a major want~!

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Flats of any of the pokemon here are also on my wants list~ there's just to many to add xD

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Non-Pokemon Sales


- Shipping is not included in these prices, please comment for a shipping quote~

-I'm shipping from the Northeast US~

- Since I am not paying for shipping, I will ship internationally!

-Shipping will be once a week 

- I will also add insurance if wanted~ 

- Please allow 1-2 weeks for me to ship it to you~ I will tell you once I send it out~

- If you live near me, or you are going to any of the conventions I am going to, then I can give it to you personally

-I accept paypal and through the post, just know the risks of sending it through the mail~ 

-I will put on hold as long as you tell me when you'll pay

-all prices where determined by the items condition and base price~

-Haggling is allowed

-if you have any questions on an item’s condition or whatever, don’t hesitate to ask~! <3

-pkmncollectors feedback is here

If you don't have a livejournal account, you can email me at just be sure to write "sales post" in the subject

and now onto the sales~

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Pokemon Trading~!!!

CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! (I thought I had mentioned this earlier, woops)
Well, I can trade now ^^

first... read this-

- Want list is here
  - I will also accept any sort of Lugia, Blitzle, Zebstrika, Keldeo, Ponyta, Rapidash, or Glaceon Item (and some others)
  - If you want an item.... but don't have something I am looking for...  offer me what you have and I might take it into consideration depending on the pokemon ^^
- I am willing to pay for part of a trade depending on price
- You must have 10 feedback or sales permission
- I have the right to refuse someone's offer
- I will do international trades depending on shipping price ^^
- I will try my best to ship mine out within a week, but keep in mind that I am in high school with a pony and have very little time >.>
- Feedback here:

ALSO! I come from a dog and horse friendly home! My dog tends to always come near my stuff a lot... and has actually laid on one of my binders before without me noticing :l and even though my pony is boarded at a barn 15 min away..... horse hair migrates.... especially during shedding season, which is now. Seriously, I find horse hair EVERYWHERE! (even inside my school books... which have never come in contact with her)
So sorry about that >.>


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If you have any questions...don't hesitate to ask ^^
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Pokemon TCG Wants

Up for trade for any of these~ I prefer first edition cards.... but I will take them either way xDDDD
I am mainly looking for these cards in English, Japanese, and German. Though I will take cards from other languages ^^
also... don't know if all these cards have german versions.... just putting them down anyway xD

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So, I'm up to buying as well as trading~! I like trading better but either way can work ^^
If you do want to trade.... I will trade 2 of my cards for one of the PokeEquine cards~ ^^
Trade Post here~

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My Pony Meets my Ponyta

So, I have a pony, her name is China Doll... or China for short...... and I took my ponyta figure to school with me(I do this a lot xD)... 
well it stayed in my jacket pocket when I went to the barn afterward..... 
and me and my friend thought it'd be fun to have China meet my little ponyta

and we took pictures to document it xDD

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I think she thought that Ponyta was a snack.......

also..... I'm making a better version of my wants list for the Pkmncollectors group~

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Scanlation Help?!?!

 Ohh I forgot to mention this....
TC is currently in need of a Chinese to English translators for some of our scanlation projects.... 
there are 2 awesome series we want to have translated that we found the raws to in Chinese xD We just need another translator, because the others are currently busy with other series
like how Claria is busy with both [Switch] and Zanbara

If you know anyone that could help.... or if you can help... go here
Twisted Curiosity (TC)
go to the forums though... that's where all the info is xD

We could also use a Japanese to English translator too.... 

TBA also needs Chinese to English and Japanese to English..... so heres the link to them!
The Black Abyss (TBA)

lol shameless advertising xDDDD 

Please tell me if you know anyone that could help ;3; or just go to TC or TBA xD
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Zenkaikon plans

 Sooo this is me trying to ignore my depression from not being able to go to Katsu and some other things

I guess I can say I have more money for Zenkaikon now.....
Anyway.... I figured out my schedule for Zenkaikon yesterday~!

~Issun (Okami)

Will be getting to the con after school (around 3:30) and I'll be in Issun all day with my friend Liv, who is cosplaying Gijinka Amaterasu~!

~Oz (Pandora Hearts)
~Prussia (Hetalia)
~Rave Oufit?

Will be getting there pretty early on saturday, and I'll be Oz from Pandora Hearts~! Tracey will be cosplaying with me as Gil at some point in the day xDDD I'll also be Oz in my friends panel, which is a fashion panel.... I'll be representing cosplay~! I'll be changing into Prussia for the Masquerade since I'm Prussia in the Gay or European skit~!
I think I'm also gonna have a rave oufit for the rave that night! It'll be fun xD My friend's designing me an outfit for it~!

~Issun (Okami)

So I'll just be Issun all day.... ahahaha.... again with Liv as Gijinka Amaterasu~!

This will possibly change between now and then.... It's kind of early to post this... but I needed to do some sort of con work to make up for not going to Katsu >>

I refuse to get depressed again.... It's not fun >>

As for how far I am with each cosplay.....
Oz is 0% because I want to start over >> I hated how the first one was turning out..... I also might get a different wig.... i don't like the one I have now....
Issun is also 0% because I didn't even start xD
ohhh and prussia is like.... 10% xDD I only have the wig, iron cross, and black under shirt thing xD

Sooo I start art classes with Evie this saturday~!! yaayy~!
and then me and Liv are gonna work on our okami cosplays on Sunday~! 
bye bye all my free time xD

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 Lol I havn't posted since my rant post....... weeell time to bump that down xDDDD

Well first thing... about the whole thing with China being a bitch in her stall.... well I was talking to the people at the barn and we think it's because she's on the inner part of the half stall, and she probably feels cornered. She used to be in a full stall before,  so some of the people that work at the barn said it'd be a better idea to get a full stall. The people before us had no problem in a full stall before, and looking back.... she started to be like this as soon as we put her into the other stall.
So yaa.... we're gonna look into getting a full stall..... even though its $100 more >>

I was also able to get my dad to change his mind.... turns out I will be getting a laptop for christmas xD Which is a good thing~!

I also found out DA has a backpack that fits a laptop, tablet, and notebook with pens and pencils and stuff like that..... I really want one since I travel alot >3> so I opened up point commissions even though my art isn't good.... but now I realized that 80 points is equal to $1 soooo all my commissions are less then $1 xDDD
meeehh no one will get anything anyway.... so whatever~ but you don't get what you don't ask for......right?!?! xD

The past couple of days I've had dreams that Nora was an anime......... WHY CAN'T THOSE DREAMS BE TRUE?!?!?!?!?! then I could make AMVs instead of torturing myself with MMVs OTL
btw.... I'm working on a Nora MMV..... I started taking pictures of the pages...... because theres no scans online i can steal OTL and I don't have a scanner....
I also decided imma be lazy and be Deigree for the Nora cosplay group..... or maybe I'll be barik.... cuz then I can carry around his big ass weapon...... and 
seriously I want an awesome group xD
God i've been reobbesed with this series.... maybe that's why i keep having dreams that it'll be an anime... >> it really should become an anime...
the day it does... I will cry tears off joy xDDD

I'm really excited to cosplay the okami brush gods!!!! I mean... Gekigami's design is so awesome!!! and I can carry around a big bow with lightning bolt shaped arrows!!!!! I don't really wanna wait till Otakon >>

Not the full oufit.... but that is the design xDDD He looks so awesome, I can't wait!!!!
also there are some spots open..... so you can join... just ask alexis or me.....
lol I'll have to okami cosplays next year..... Issun and Gijinka Gekigami! I'll probably end up bringing Okamiden along with me for each one xD

The Holiday meet is next week! that should be fun! but I gotta clean my basement >>
that shoud be fun *sarcasm*
is anyone from my flist going?!?!?! just wondering xD besides dani :l
any of you are invited btw.... I like you guys xDDD

I also have Iscribble now.... it's kinda fun xDDD ahahahaha! anyone have Iscribble?!?!?!?